Corkish and ex-Corkish Fruit Salad

Friday, April 21, 2006


I woke to the reality that neither my iPod (bless the 40gig old big guy) nor my iBook are supported anymore, and i did not get APP's for them. dunno how long i can keep asking for CS codes just because 'i know people who work for Apple'.

Otherwise i quite think this is a good idea. i keep being amazed by the opportunities presented by this 'internet' thing. every day i still find msn (yes, working for a big corporation way worse of its reputation than Apple and dealing with WIN2000) and real-life conversations incredible. as you might notice, during my year as 'tech support' i never got very technical...

whos' retuned to Munich? :S i wish my parents had named me mac_2006. or i am just too far out of the loop to understand (next someone's going to comment 'who the hell are you and who do you think you are owning an old 40gig iPod). or i've started thinking in dutch. which is tragic.

maybe the time will come i'll come up with something sensible to write. meanwhile i look out of the window to the sunshine and get a flash of nostalgia for the grey of Ireland and the local buses.

the beer is a good idea

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just returned to Munich...

... and that was an absolutely nice surprise.

Well done, Anna, a cool idea. I thought I'd leave my fingerprint here as well (so that you all know I'm still alive). As some of you might know, I've just returned from a week of vacation in Ireland, and now stepped through my door here in Munich.
And before anything else: a big big big big thank you! for that absolutely nice evening at 47 last Saturday. You all really made me feel home, even if I haven't been living in the house for 6 months anymore. Pascal, Anna, Susan, Mathias, Sabine (and that cousin of Anna, my apology, I didn't catch your name - you're a nice person, as well), you all made me feel just great.
You're probably going to see me around in the future, not in the next few months (relax ;-), but it's great coming back for holidays to Ireland.
Weather over here is some sort of cool - only 4°C, some snow around... not much, but still not that Irish spring feeling. So we're still waiting for the beergarden season to kick off.
Oh, and for all you honeymooners in Ireland, if you like, I have an absolutely gorgeous tip for you: Shiplakemountain hostel in Dunmanway. A great place to stay and having a rest, you can even spend your nights there in caravans. It's really cool, hard to find, you won't be disturbed by any traffic and you get a 100% great nature. Have a look on your own:

That's my short notice for now, the next few days my PowerBook will be back from repair, so I'll then be back busy working... Expect to see me here... .

Thursday, April 06, 2006

We don't support you

We don't support you. Or some of us still do.

Since the first weeks here, I felt like one of the people who was here, Thomas, us has put it : If somebody someday decides to make a soap called "The Callcenter" trust me, that would be entertaining, with intriguers, sex, drugs, rock 'n roll and nerve thrilling moments.

So no one has made that soap yet. I think. Then again, I don't have time for watching TV, and it often feels like so many people who have been here, once supporting, have so become internet addicted that you just know that if they are still alive, they will be online when they are awake, unless they are very ill. So many of the people who have been here can easily be found online, they have their own blogs, their own lifes by now ... every time someone sends the email "I'm going away" I wonder where they go, what they will do, and if they will have good or bad memories of this place.

I always wondered why there wasn't some place online for hanging out for 'us', those who were here, and those who still are. There are so many legendary stories about the people who were here, who have gone away somewhere and do something else now. So many stories. To hopefully not be lost forever.

We don't support you. Or then some of us still do. If you got an invite to be an author here, then you were here... someone knew or remembers you. Want to join to be the co-author here? Any of the I-was-once-here are welcome.