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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Thumbs up

... Ireland's not the only country where bureaucracy is damn slooooow. Just got a letter from the German unemployment office here stating that the information I provided was insufficient. Well, I actually didn't know I ever sent anything in, must have been somewhere in sep/oct of 2005. So you're not alone. It took an awful long time to stick that note to my documents and send them back. Sometimes I really wonder what we're paying taxes for... . I really hope that you get your documentary of life (all the passports etc) back soon. For me, it was sometimes hard to have been stuck on an island like Ireland - when you're stuck your house, it's even worse.

Not getting a day off for your own wedding? OMG, that's so Apple. I've seen people not getting free time for their own child's care due to Line Coverage. Meanwhile, I'm quite confident that there's somewhere within Apple a secret room where all the managers gather together and pray to the Holy Shrine of Line Coverage, at least once a week... . It's ridicolous. When you're pregnant they will probably tell you: Eh, would you mind getting your kid in the morning? We would need you that day from 10 to 6... . Line Coverage, you know?
I've seen so many really dumb things that, in my eyes, Apple up there is just a nicely colored Call Center that is hip due to the Apple brand. When you rip all that off (the Legoland colors, the architecture, the coolness factor of the brand), you get - well, just a below-average call center. I'm quite convinced that they don't care about you, nor anybody else. Just a piece of meat with ears and a mouth to take call. Well, the call center would be great if one could organize it like a grassroots movement, and get the management fired (or at least trained on how to motivate employees). That bloody line coverage doesn't interest anyone outside of AppleCare. And they are all hopelessly devoted to it. They simply measure success the wrong way.

But I'm getting off the original topic... . Being patient is a noble feature, but if it's leading to nowhere, I would reconsider getting to America. At least they won't check M's stuff and opportunities are better over there than in Ireland. Just my opinion... .

Hey, and if you ever get your stuff again from the Irish Government, pop over to Munich, you're always welcome.

- Björn


  • .. or so every company in this country. As if it would be / have been anything different for [a competitive company]? I don't think that is a company thing but a country / "culture" thing.

    Germany is in the plans for the house, when we do have the documents back. With the house it would be fun, a bit different Germany trip than before ..

    By Blogger Anna, at 8:33 AM  

  • ... oh man, is it me or are these captchas getting dumber? While I was already logged in, it took over 5 tries to write wtf it looked to be written on the picture. O_o

    By Blogger Anna, at 8:34 AM  

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